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Nipple restoration is surprisingly important for a feeling of normalcy after breast cancer surgery or other procedures that affect the nipple. Women may not be candidates for nipple reconstruction, have had failed nipple reconstruction or do not desire additional surgical procedures. Some women have tried to use prosthetic nipples but were disappointed with  the lack of realism in appearance and their tendency to fall off unpredictably....until NOW!

Welcome to a wonderful new option that yields breathtakingly realistic results !!

Naturally Impressive, LLC offers a delicate yet durable silicone nipple-areola
(for external use only, not an implant) with features so accurate that even examining MD's at medical conferences have been startled to learn that they are not natural nipples.

Women are thrilled with the option of preserving their natural nipple-areola features by making impressions prior to surgery.

With Naturally Impressive, clients with one natural nipple can replicate their features for an astounding match. 
Women who no longer have natural nipples can select from our online catalog models which are also
created from actual nipple-areola impressions.

Custom colors are chosen, by you, from an extensive selection of silicone
color samples (mailed to you, not viewed on your PC screen).

Naturally Impressive nipples provide carefree, secure wear
during bathing, workouts, sexual activity and swimming.

We provide attentive customer service.  Your long term
satisfaction is important to us. 

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