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What MDs are saying:

Dr. Rodger Khouri
"These are by far the most natural looking nipples. They are individually crafted and it is hard to believe they are prosthesis. Had expert plastic surgeons examine the patient and not realize the nipple was not a real one."
Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon     www.miamibreastcenter.com

Dr. David Marcus
When my patient first showed me her new Naturally Impressive nipple and areola I believe my jaw actually dropped.  I told her it was a piece of art.  Quite extraordinary.  Truly. 
David E. Marcus, MD 

Dr. Greenberg
"The impressive thing about it is that it looks real, and particularly for women who need to match a non operated on breast, they really match it." 
Lauren Greenberg, MD (excerpt from blog article)
www.laurengreenbergmd.com  Article #1    Article #2

Dr. Rancati
"I will be giving a lecture on Nipple Areola Complex reconstruction of the radiated breast at the Milano, Italy Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast European Conference (Dec. 2013). I think Naturally Impressive nipple-areola is the best approach for these cases." 
Alberto Rancati, MD  Argentina
"I think you have accomplished a great advance in breast reconstruction with your wonderful product. Up to now prosthetic reconstruction of NAC (nipple-areola complex) was so inferior that not so many women or doctors were willing to accept or recommend.
Your product is so real that I think it is a wonderful option today. In radiated breast with implant reconstruction, it is a "must" to offer it for avoiding complications with flap reconstruction of NAC.
Congratulations and thank you."  
Alberto Rancati, MD  Argentina

What women are saying:

"Just received my package. It is perfect!!!! Thanks for making this so simple. I'm telling everyone I know and showing some. You both are the best!"
bb, Illinios, USA (Custom Unilateral)

“After nearly three years using this wonderful product, I am completely sold on Naturally Impressive.  My original pair has held up beautifully and wear time has increased too – thanks to your helpful suggestions.   It’s just part of my life now, and I am completely satisfied with the appearance and quality that holds up whether showering, swimming, or just in everyday activity. Thanks Randi and Brian for meeting a need that is way beyond anything else on the market.  I’m a customer for life!“ 
sw, California, USA  (Custom Tailored)

"Hi! I have been meaning to write you sooner!! I love them!! I love them so much! I can't stop staring at them:)….They are THE best I have purchased and I have a drawer full of nipples:) You are so detailed in your instructions as well which is much appreciated! I am not embarrassed at the gym or self conscious when naked, they truly have changed my confidence level and I am so thankful for your product. I plan on using them well into my 90 's. and I am only 45 now....... That's how much I love them:)" 
kl, Minnesota, USA (Simplicity Selection)

"I  put the nipples on last night and I truly believe your company name says it all...absolutely amazing how natural they look!!  Many thanks for all the hours that you have put in to get your product to all of us in need.  I know that I will never have  surgery to try and make a nipple that could even come close to the ones that I am wearing now! They are so comfortable, I don't feel them at all. Too bad public exposure is against the law when it comes to something as amazing as this!"
nk, South Carolina, USA
  (Bilateral Basic)

"I put the nipples on and 3 weeks later I took them off because I had to have an MRI.  If I did not need the MRI, I probably would not have taken them off, even at 3 weeks. They were just as easy to take off as they were to put on.
That was a real plus. Your product is amazing!"
nk, South Carolina, USA  (Bilateral Basic)

"I must tell you that you and your company are the absolute best.   First off, your product is such high quality and so realistic looking and your customer service is none like I've seen before.  You are so accommodating.  The design,  quality,  and realistic appearance of your product is truly unmatched. Thanks a million."
cm, Texas, USA 
(Bilateral Basic)

"Wow, I could cry with joy.  I have a nipple now.  It's been 15 years.  It makes me feel so confident.  Smiling very broadly and sending business your way!" 
cm, New York, USA  (Bilateral Basic used over one side failed nipple reconstruction and the other side natural nipple)

"The nipples are a perfect match...They look amazingly natural (just like my own)  I am a runner and starting to increase my  miles and even with the combination of the sports bra friction, sweat and showering, they are still on securely!   I can't thank you enough for your incredible customer service and for your product providing me confidence and a sense of femininity that has made my recovery from breast cancer even more positive!" 
kh, Washington, USA  (Custom Bilateral)

"My personal experience with Naturally Impressive over the past 1 1/2 years has been great and I would recommend this product and company as an alternative to more surgery or tattooing.  The match to my own nipple and color is nearly identical.  I am thankful for the technology and ingenuity of people and companies like Naturally Impressive that allows for women to feel good about themselves and look natural again post-mastectomy."
lv, Pennsylvania, USA  (Custom Unilateral)

"Thank you Randi . I just put them on and I can't tell you how much they make me feel like a women. I never thought that nipples were important at all until I lost my breasts. Your company is not only providing a product it is providing self esteem. I can't thank you enough. Cancer is horrible but loosing breasts that are so publicized as womanhood is beyond horrific and you gave that back to me. Thank you."
lh, Washington, USA  (Bilateral Basic) 

"The first time I tried on my nipples from Naturally Impressive I was amazed.  They are truly the finishing touch to a breast,   In my mind, it was like going from having two bumps, to having two breasts....What I really like the most, is that they are a replica of my original nipples, so they are very familiar to me and look so natural!  I’ve seen many other nipple prostheses on-line, but none that I saw were so realistic and so much like my own were.  The impressions were very easy to make, since the instructions were easy to follow." 
pk, Virginia, USA  (Custom Bilateral)

"I applied the nipples on Wednesday. I was so impressed with how easy it really was, and how natural they look! I feel like a different person already. I didn't realize how it was affecting my image of myself. I feel more like a complete person now. This is just amazing! I knew you were looking forward for me to get them, but I didn't realize how much of an impact it would have."
hg, Arkansas,
USA  (Bilateral Basic)

"I am very, very happy with the prosthesis.  It is so for me!  When I showed the nipples to my closest girl friends, they all agreed they looked so natural, no one could tell they weren't my own natural nipples.  I have to send a picture for you to see because it is really amazing, my breasts look beautiful and the prostheses give them the final touch.  The Naturally Impressive nipples fit comfortably and don't move at all.  I feel very secure at all times, even when I do sports, or during intimate moments.  The photo instructions are super clear to understand. You've done an excellent job and huge contribution to the life of many women, like me, that need to go on with normal life.  Thanks a lot for all your support."
(Bilateral Basic)

"Thank you Randi, for being such a kind and caring person – what a delight to have a business relationship that is so outstanding for customer service.  You and your husband should be proud of what you offer. I am a very happy customer! It means a lot that you take the extra time to get the orders just right, and that you continue to be interested in me as a customer. Blessings to you both!"
sw, Washington, USA  (Bilateral Basic)

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