05-31-2018 "Sisters Not Twins"

Sisters Not Twins

Some women choose to have just one breast removed and do unilateral breast reconstruction (that was my choice). There are some great benefits to having at least one sensate breast and nipple. However, it can also be challenging to achieve a good restoration of breast and nipple. Plastic surgeon like to inform you that they will be "sisters not twins."

In many ways, it's much easier to provide a "sister" nipple than of a "sister" breast. Naturally Impressive offers a wide selection of colors, areola features (bumpy, smooth), diameters (35mm to 50mm), nipple width and projection (we have choices beyond the 5 basic colors).

After making nipple impressions for about 7 years, we realized that there really isn’t such a thing as a “perfect match” to a natural nipple. Nipples change size and color with temperature and other factors, so it’s a moving target. The giant leap from “sister” to attempting a perfect match is much more labor intensive and ultimately may result in a “sister” nipple anyway. We've drastically simplified the process. The savings in time, hassle and money are passed on to you. With the Naturally Impressive "approximate" approach, you will pay hundreds of dollars less than with any other custom nipple prosthetic company. What’s not to love about that? For more details, go to "Catalog/Order" page and press "$89 Nips to Pair With Yours".

My husband spoiled me by inventing a Naturally Impressive nipple for me while I was still in the process of breast reconstruction. I hadn’t really thought far enough ahead to think of what I would do for a nipple. It’s been over eight years now that I’ve been wearing Naturally Impressive nipples and it makes me so happy to look in the mirror and see that lovely symmetry (even though my natural nipple does change color!). It's been a very satisfactory solution for me. Plastic surgeons have told us that it's not possible to surgically create a nipple as realistic looking as Naturally Impressive nipples. Even with an excellent 3D tattoo, the lack of dimension, when paired with your natural nipple, would seem strange, in my opinion.

If you do wish to get a tattoo, it might be an option to wear your Naturally Impressive nipple over the tattoo (once it is well healed) for occasions when you want some dimension. I spoke with an employee at a nationally famous tattoo artist's shop. He said that after their tattoos are well healed, the skin is just like regular skin and the tattoo would not be harmed by wearing a Naturally Impressive nipple over it. However, he cautioned that the method and dyes used for tattoos in MD offices are very different from their methods and dyes. We're not sure if wearing Naturally Impressive nipples over some types of tattoos might cause fading, so be sure to check with your tattoo artist first.

Call anytime if you have questions. We love helping women find their personal best outcome for nipples. If we can’t help you, we’ll try to direct you to someone who can.

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