Standard Models & Colors

Most women looking for a nipple pair find a model & color among these choices that feels familiar and / or comfortable for them. Available in 8 models, 5 colors. Choose model, nipple projection and areola diameter. Price includes your Naturally Impressive Nipple Pair, adhesive, and remover. All models available in all colors.

Choose a Model

Eve shown in Wheat Eve shown in Wheat
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Eve shown in Wheat Moderate areola bumps provide realism. Moderate nipple width at 14mm.
  • Berry

    Berry Color Example
    Pink/purple nipple/areola tones

  • Wheat

    Wheat Color Example
    Works very well for a wide range of skin tones; golden brown areola with pink tone nipple

  • Cinnamon

    Cinnamon Color Example
    Medium brown with a hint of red-brown

  • Cocoa

    Cocoa Color Example
    Dark milk chocolate brown

  • Coffee

    Coffee Color Example
    Brown-black; black coffee tones.

Eve shown in Wheat


  • BerryBerry
  • WheatWheat
  • CinnamonCinnamon
  • CocoaCocoa
  • CoffeeCoffee

All models available in all colors. Click to view larger. Hover to view larger.

Nipple Projection

  • 2mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm

3-4mm: for women who like subtle nipple projection under clothes when braless or who wear slightly padded bras.

Areola Diameter

  • 35mm
  • 40mm
  • 45mm
  • 50mm

We recommend starting with 40mm areola diameter, unless you are certain that your natural size is significantly larger or smaller.

Order Summary

  • Model: Eve
  • Nipple Projection: 4mm
  • Areola Diameter: 40mm
  • Color: please select a color
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive Remover
    We order remover for you. It is shipped separately, directly to you, from another company.
Returning Customers Only:

How to reorder adhesive and remover

? Having trouble deciding?
Call 715-829-4488 or email us for a free consultation.

Matching your natural nipple-areola features

Custom impressions (done by you in your home) of your natural nipple-areola and our Home Color Palette Kit provide breathtakingly accurate features & colors. No need to travel for this highly customized result. We mail you all you need and then work with you via e-mail, phone & mail to develop the best possible match to your own natural nipple. In the process of fine tuning your order, you will receive several NI nips (each version based on your feedback). We provide 3 nips of your final color decision.

Just $75 to start the creation, then $350 due after you return your impressions and choose specific colors from your Color Palette Kit. Price includes Home Impression / Color Palette Kits, your Naturally Impressive Nipple-Areola (three), adhesive & remover. Available for USA clients only.*
You are under no obligation to pay the $350 balance if you change your mind after making the impressions.
Future Reorders $300: includes 2 NI nips, 1 adhesive & 1 remover.

Returning customers: call 715-829-4488 or email us to re-order.

  • Choose Color Palette, Pay $75, Receive kits by mail
  • Make impression, choose your specific colors
  • Return impression by mail
  • Pay $350, receive nip versions for your review
  • Receive 3 NI nips in your final color

Contact Information

Color Palette Choice

  • BerryBerry
  • WheatWheat
  • CinnamonCinnamon
  • CocoaCocoa
  • CoffeeCoffee

Our Color Palette Kit allows you to hold many color samples of the actual NI nip material & dyes next to your nipple-areola in various lighting and different times of day. No comparison to choosing from a computer monitor or paper color chart!

Order Summary

  • Pay $75.00 now for:
    • Nipple Impression Kit
    • Color Palette Kit
  • Pay $350.00 later for:
    • Fine tune customization
    • 3 Custom NI Nips
    • Adhesive
    • Adhesive Remover
  • How to reorder adhesive and remover

$75.00 now, $350.00 later

Important Information

By choosing to purchase this product you understand that matching a natural nipple-areola is an art as well as a moving target (since natural nipples & areolas change color with temperature, etc.). A perfect match isn't possible.

You will receive several samples in your color palette. We may be able to fine tune with other samples after your feedback. Even though the color samples are a great tool for color matching, there may be variances in color (due to thickness and minor color mix variations) between the color samples and completed prosthesis.

Our goal is a reasonably approximate match. The accurate feature match provided by the Home Impression Kit allows the inherent color palette imperfections and fluctuations to be perceived favorably.

We don't just make up something based on your color guess. This is a process. We expect to make a few iterations, based on your feedback, to provide you with a product that you feel comfortable with.

? Having trouble deciding?
Call 715-829-4488 or email us for a free consultation.

Preserving your natural nipple-areola features

If your nipples are not able to be spared or don't survive, this home impression kit preserves your natural nipple features as a "backup plan." If you need Naturally Impressive nipple prostesis (made from the backup impressions) in the future, the $75 will be credited toward your purchase. Available for USA clients only.


International Orders

* IODEON is our exclusive distributor in European Union countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Nationally Impressive Model Selection is available with a modified version of Custom Color selection using our IODEON distributor.

Contact IODEON for details at
If you are not from an IODEON distributor country, then please contact us directly for details. Custom impressions and Color Palette Kits are only available on USA orders.

Warranty / Shipping

Your satisfaction is important to us.

Our 12 month replacement warranty addresses the fact that, over time, wear and tear of the thin silicone nipple edges may effect appearance and performance. Contact us anytime with concerns and questions and we will provide replacements, as needed.

If you are not satisfied with your Naturally Impressive nipple(s) and we are not able to make a correction to your satisfaction, we offer a very generous refund ($275 for all nipple purchases) even though this is a customized product.

Shipping cost is $10.00 per order. That may seem high, but keep in mind that your order will involve multiple shipping (e.g. additional nips provided within warranty). We do not charge for shipping beyond the initial payment.

Refunds must be requested (by email or phone) and product returned within 60 days of your ship date.