Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure of a good model & color? (Free Consult 715-829-4488)

- If you are ordering a silicone nipple pair: $69 option (+$30 for adhesive & remover)

For choosing a model, consider:
1) Do you want bumpy or smooth areola?
2) Do you like to go braless or wear thin bra without having "headlights"?
-Popular low nipple projection choices are: 1mm Min, 2mm Eve, Rae and Bre models.
3) Do you want petite or full nipple width?
-Nipple width is noted under large photo in model description.

Choosing color:
-Choose from one of our five basic "tried and true" nipple-areola color combinations that fit a wide range of natural skin tones. If you feel like you are between colors, give us a call to discuss. All models available in all five colors.

Within 2 weeks of receipt, you may do one exchange for color and / or model adjustment or return product for a $69 refund.

- If you are ordering custom nips to pair with natural nipple-areola: $169 option (+$30 for adhesive & remover)

Find model and color that is closest to your natural nipple color and features:
1) Do you have a bumpy or smooth areola?
2) Do you have a petite or full nipple width?
-Nipple width is noted under large photo in model description.
3) Call us to obtain Add to Cart code and discuss desired color range for your Color Palette Kit.

You will receive an initial NI nip in the chosen model that's made up in one of the 5 basic colors. You also receive the Color Palette Kit in your color range. Three additional versions of your Naturally Impressive nipple are made, one at a time, based on your feedback from previous version. You will receive four NI nips total. If you like the 3rd version, you will receive another one like it to complete your order. If you have not received a satisfactory version by #3 and wish to have a refund, you may receive a $79 refund if nipple versions #1, #2 & #3 are returned within two weeks of receiving version #3.
See more details regarding this option by pressing "Color Palette" choice in the "Choose Color" section on catalog page.

Please be aware that it is very difficult to match your natural nipple-areola colors. The natural nipple-areola changes color and shape with temperature and other factors, so it’s a moving target. The same issue would apply to color matching for surgical nipple reconstruction or tattooing.
Our goal is to achieve a satisfactory approximate model and color that conveys the essence of your natural nipple-areola.

How is a Naturally Impressive silicone nipple prosthesis held in place?

Because water based adhesive (such as Pros-Aide) does not provide a secure bond to silicone, we prefer to provide clients with a highly safety tested, gentle, effective, medical grade silicone adhesive (Telesis). It is simply brushed on the back of the prosthesis and applied to breast mound. This provides a secure, waterproof bond that will stay in place through work outs, bathing, intimacy and swimming. It stays on securely for 1 to 3 weeks per adhesive application (individual variations). After that time, simply remove & easily clean nipple & skin, using the specially formulated Telesis adhesive remover . Then reapply adhesive for next application.
Some women with radiated or dry (non-oily) skin might experience sufficient adhesion with Pros-Aide adhesive. If interested, we suggest you purchase (on your own) "Pros-Aide: The Original", 2 ounce bottle, online. Contact us if you would like to discuss which adhesive option is best for you.

Wouldn't "stick on" silicone nipples be easier to use?

Self stick nipple prostheses (comes with adhesive pre-applied) might sound like a good idea...nice and easy, just like window cling. However, the body is much different than a window surface. Dust and/or body oils accumulate on the "self stick" adhesive. Thus, with each successive application, the "stick on" nipple diminishes adhesive effectiveness making it frustratingly unreliable. NI nips use renewable adhesive assuring consistent performance with each application. Self stick nipple prosthetics often need to be taken off at bedtime and don't stay on dependably for sex or for swimming. NI nips use renewable adhesive assuring a more consistent, reliable performance.

How long do Naturally Impressive nipples last?

Naturally Impressive nipple prosthetics are made from 100% pure, high quality, medical grade platinum silicone. Using Pros-Aide adhesive, they might last for years (but they also might fall off unpredictably and get lost). After years of offering both Telesis and Pros-Aide adhesives, we find women strongly prefer the secure hold that Telesis adhesive provides. When using Telesis adhesive, any pure silicone nipple prosthetic will not maintain the beauty of its thin edges for years.
We conservatively estimate (& price accordingly) about 4 months until a fresh pair of Naturally Impressive nipples would be desirable. We would rather you be pleasantly surprised with how long they last (staying on securely with acceptable appearance) than that you be disappointed from exaggerated claims. We seek to give you the most realistic looking and feeling nipple prosthesis possible for a very reasonable price.

After spending years trying to hide my nipples before breast cancer surgery, I'm not sure I want to deal with that again.

That's part of the beauty of the Naturally Impressive option. You haven't made a permanent decision. You can wear your Naturally Impressive silicone nipple prosthesis or not as you wish. We also have several models with very low projection (1-2mm), so you have the full sense of visual normalcy without having to worry about "headlights". Best of both worlds!

I have sensitive skin. How do I know the adhesive won't cause a rash?

Telesis adhesives have been carefully tested by independent labs for safety (see statement below). It would be rare to have a skin irritation, but we encourage women with sensitive skin, radiated skin or thin skin over implants to use shorter first time wear to verify skin condition.
"Telesis products have proven to be both safe and highly effective in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries.  All products have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and they do not contain any known carcinogens or cyto-toxins." - from Premiere Products website. Premiere Products is an FDA licensed manufacturer.
If you notice skin irritation, discontinue use. Contact your MD / surgeon if it doesn't resolve or gets worse. We appreciate you letting us know if you experience any difficulty with skin sensitivity.

Does insurance cover Naturally Impressive, LLC nipple-areola prostheses?

Please do not assume coverage until you verify the specifics with your insurance company. Naturally Impressive, LLC does not bill insurance companies directly. Even if covered, deductibles are always a consideration in terms of receiving actual payment. Pre-tax health savings accounts are a good reliable payment option for many clients. Many are motivated to purchase Naturally Impressive, LLC nipple prosthetics even if their insurance won't reimburse. The extraordinary quality of Naturally Impressive nipples provide the result they have been searching for in nipple-areola restoration.