Restore "normal" and let your confidence soar!

Naturally Impressive prosthetic nipples look amazingly real and stay on securely for 1 - 2 weeks per adhesive application. They become your new body image when you need it most: exercising, showers, intimacy and swimming.

If you want an immediate solution for nipple restoration while you wait for readiness to make a permanent choice, Naturally Impressive's affordable pricing makes this easy to do! Wearing our prosthetic nipple gives you an everyday feeling of "normal" that eases the emotional pressure so you can take your time in making an irreversible permanent decision... 3D nipple tattoos, breast tattoos or surgical nipple reconstruction. Or maybe you'll discover that Naturally Impressive silicone nipples DO provide the solution you were looking for all along!

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“...they are so incredible. The difference between no nipples and perfect nipples is miraculous. They were mounds. Now they're breasts. I haven't decided if it's going to be NI nips forever or if I'm going to have surgical nips done, but the NI's are so great I have all the time I need to decide. Can't recommend them highly enough.”

Wendy, OH

“Hi! I have been meaning to write you sooner!! I love them!! I love them so much! I can't stop staring at them:)….They are THE best I have purchased and I have a drawer full of nipples:) ...I am not embarrassed at the gym or self conscious when naked, they truly have changed my confidence level and I am so thankful for your product. I plan on using them well into my 90 's. and I am only 45 now....... That's how much I love them:)”

Kimberly, MN
Wabi-Sabi bowl

Wabi-Sabi Uniqueness

Naturally Impressive nipples are individually made... not mass produced. Each nipple has slight variations in size, shape and color depth. This creates a “wabi-sabi” natural look that mimics the “imperfect” perfection of nature and offers a unique quality to your NI Nips.

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