Frequently Asked Questions

Buy our prosthetic nipples after mastectomy for breast cancer.
You will be surprised how amazingly real they look & securely they stay on.

How can I be sure of a good model & color? (Free Consult 715-829-4488)

Naturally Impressive offers you a wide selection of models and colors. This is a great opportunity, but it might seem a bit confusing. Please don't hesitate to call and let a breast cancer survivor assist you in your decision making process. We're usually available 9am to 9pm CST, including weekends.

If you like to keep it simple:
- the most popular models are Eve, Lee and Emi.
If you like to shop all the options:
- these questions will help guide you:
1) Do you want bumpy or smooth areola?
-Bumpy areola variations: Models Eve, Ava & Emi
-Smoother areola: Models Joy, Lee & Sis
2) Do you like to go braless or wear thin bra without having "headlights"?
-Your best choice would be Model Lee with one millimeter nipple projection.
-Models Eve, Sis & Lee come in two millimeter nipple projection which may show nipples subtly when braless.
3) Do you want full, medium or petite width of the actual nipple?
Full nipple width; bumpy areola=Eve
Full nipple width; smoother areola=Joy
Medium nipple width; bumpy areola=Ava
Medium nipple width; smoother areola=Lee
Petite nipple width; bumpy areola=Emi
Petite nipple width; smoother areola=Sis
-Nipple width is noted under large photo in model description.
4) Choose from one of our five basic "tried and true" nipple-areola color combinations that fit a wide range of natural skin tones. If you feel like you are between colors, give us a call to discuss.
The catalog "Choose Model" photos are in (approximate) Wheat color. All models are available in all five colors:
**Berry: Light pink with hint of purple. **Wheat: Golden brown areola with pink tone nipple. **Cinnamon: Medium brown. **Cocoa: Milk chocolate brown. **Coffee: Rich brown-black coffee tones.

- We realize it's difficult to determine colors, models & sizes via computer monitor, so within 2 weeks of receipt we allow one free adjustment/exchange or return product for a FULL REFUND.

How long do Naturally Impressive nipples last?

Naturally Impressive nipple prosthetics are made from 100% pure, high quality, medical grade platinum silicone. If using Pros-Aide adhesive, they might last for years (but they also might fall off unpredictably and get lost). After years of offering both Telesis (Silicone Based) and Pros-Aide (Water Based) adhesives, we find women strongly prefer the secure hold that Telesis adhesive provides.

Since Telesis adhesive sticks so well to pure silicone & thin silicone nipple edges are delicate in order to blend into the skin beautifully, the result of wearing and caring for the prosthesis using Telesis slowly causes the edges to show cosmetic wear.

Women vary greatly in their cosmetic preferences and how often they wish to replace their Naturally Impressive nipples. They may last a year for women who wear them intermittantly. With consistent wear, average replacement time is 4 to 6 months. Please note that we have discount prices for reorders.

How is a Naturally Impressive silicone nipple prosthesis held in place?

Application is simpler than ever with our Peel & Stick method. It provides the best of both worlds by combining the ease of stick on nipples and the consistent performance of fresh adhesive with each nipple application.

Perfecting "nips that stick" has been an important value for us from our origins. Water based adhesive (such as Pros-Aide) does not have nearly as strong a bond to a pure silicone nipple as a silicone based adhesive provides. For that reason, we offer TELESIS 8 ADHESIVE which is a highly safety tested, gentle, effective, medical grade silicone based adhesive.

Using Telesis adhesive, you can have confidence that your Naturally Impressive nipples will stay in place through work outs, bathing, intimacy and swimming for 1 to 2 weeks per adhesive application. After awhile, edges may start to loosen, but it would be rare for your Naturally Impressive nipples to actually fall off without warning UNLESS you are exposed to prolonged heat e.g. saunas, hot springs or hot tubs.

Using the Peel & Stick application, the nipple prosthesis is usually easily removed. After nip removal, simply wipe nip with Telesis Adhesive Remover & then an isopropyl alcohol prep pad before reapplying adhesive for the next wearing. The Remover revitalizes nip edges for better adhesion and extends the satisfactory useful life of your Naturally Impressive nipples.

Wouldn't "stick on" silicone nipples be easier to use?

Self stick nipple prostheses (comes with adhesive pre-applied) might sound like a good idea...nice and easy, just like window cling. However, the body is much different than a window surface. Dust and/or body oils accumulate on the "self stick" adhesive. Thus, with each successive application, the stick on nipple diminishes adhesive effectiveness making it frustratingly unreliable. Self stick nipple prosthetics often need to be taken off at bedtime and don't stay on dependably for the times you care the most (showering, work-outs, swimming or intimacy).

The Naturally Impressive Peel & Stick method combines the ease of stick on nipples with the security of consistent performance that come with fresh adhesive for each application.

After spending years trying to hide my nipples before breast cancer surgery, I'm not sure I want to deal with that again.

That's part of the beauty of the Naturally Impressive option. You haven't made a permanent decision. You can wear your Naturally Impressive silicone nipple prosthesis or not as you wish. We also have several models with very low projection (1-2mm), so you have the full sense of visual normalcy without having to worry about "headlights." Best of both worlds!

Is the adhesive safe? What if I have sensitive skin?

Telesis adhesives have been carefully tested by independent labs for safety (see statement below). It would be rare to have a skin irritation, but we encourage women with sensitive skin, radiated skin or thin skin over implants to use shorter first time wear to verify skin condition.

"Telesis products have proven to be both safe and highly effective in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries.  All products have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and they do not contain any known carcinogens or cyto-toxins." - from Premiere Products website. Premiere Products is an FDA licensed manufacturer.
If you notice skin irritation, discontinue use. Contact your MD / surgeon if it doesn't resolve or gets worse. We appreciate you letting us know if you experience any difficulty with skin sensitivity.

Are there breast cancer support groups for me?

There are many support groups to help & encourage you on your journey. Listed below are a few we have had experience with: website blog & the closed Facebook group "DiepCJourney - Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy" provide education, compassionate support and excellent resources for breast cancer "thrivers" and health care professionals. Terri Coutee, the founder of DiepC Foundation, was awarded the 2018 Patients of Courage Award.
Flat & Fabulous: For women who choose not to reconstruct. A very large, active site that provides many practical topics to help walk you through essential information of your journey.
Sisters In Scars: Almost every post receives prompt and encouraging responses covering a multitude of breast cancer concerns and issues. Focuses on BRCA hereditary breast cancer Previviors.

Does insurance cover Naturally Impressive, LLC nipple-areola prostheses?

Please do not assume coverage. Our company is too small to establish Preferred Provider status with insurance companies. We keep our prices very low to make our product affordable even without insurance coverage.

Pre-tax health savings accounts are a reliable payment option for many clients. Many women are motivated to purchase Naturally Impressive, LLC nipple prosthetics even if their insurance won't reimburse. The extraordinary quality, selection and cost effectiveness of Naturally Impressive nipples provide the result they have been searching for in nipple-areola restoration.