Happy Birthday to Us!

Birthday Cake

Welcome to our first Naturally Impressive blog post! This month (January 2018), we're celebrating the 8th birthday of Naturally Impressive, LLC. We never expected to become "nipple prosthetic specialists", it just "happened". Well, breast cancer happened. While I was in process of breast reconstruction, my wonderful, problem solving hubby, discovered a non-surgical nipple solution for me that looked incredibly real. My plastic surgeon was impressed and invited us to display them during an international breast surgeon training conference. We were blown away by their enthusiastic response! We had no idea that a good nipple solution after breast cancer surgery was so elusive for women!

Surgical nipple reconstruction often flattens (especially if you've had radiation); many types of tattoos fade. Mass produced nipple prosthetics look fake and fall off unpredictably. Many women have had ENOUGH surgery and just do not want to go through any more pain or surgical risk.

It can be so frustrating! After all we've been through as breast cancer survivors, we just want the finishing touch of nipples! It's ironic because most of our lives, we have been trying to hide them. Once we lose them, when we see our reflection in the mirror, we just don't feel "normal." Some women say they feel like a blank slate. I had just one natural nipple, so I felt lopsided.

You may notice Naturally Impressive nipple prosthetic prices are remarkably lower than other custom nipple prosthetics. How can we provide a quality custom product for such an affordable price? First of all, our overhead is low. We don't have a storefront or employees and rarely advertise or attend expensive conferences.

We have built a slow grow business utilizing close communication with our clients to fine tune our product. This has enhanced predictable client satisfaction. As a result, our happy clients tell their MDs, breast cancer friends and support groups. MDs are almost unanimously very impressed with Naturally Impressive nipple prosthetics as a short or long term non-surgical nipple solution. They are eager to have an option to share with women who aren't candidates for surgical nipple reconstruction or just don't want more pain, surgery or risk of complications.

Naturally Impressive nipples might not be the final solution for every woman wanting nipples after breast reconstruction, but they can be a great starting point for all women as an elegant way to have nipples while waiting for tissue to settle or a way to buy some time while deciding on a permanent solution.

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