The Long and Winding Road of Nipples - a client-friend's story

Long Winding Road

"Cancer sucks. It's scary, confusing, and exhausting." ~MW
So true! But when you're FINALLY done with all the trauma that diagnosis, treatment and surgery upon surgery brings, you figure that final step of the "cherry on top" should be simple, right?
In an article on Nipple Reconstruction in Clinics in Plastic Surgery journal, Dr. Maurice Nahabedian writes:
"… Jabor and colleagues have demonstrated that the principle determinant of patient dissatisfaction was excessive flattening, followed by color, shape, size, texture, and position. Only 13% of all patient were totally satisfied with their reconstructed nipple–areolar complex. Thus, the search for the ideal nipple reconstruction continues"
Breast surgeons admit that surgical nipple recon often fails. We hear it often from our clients too. This client -friend shares her traumatically long and winding road in search of nipples She says:

"It took 3 surgeries to get clear margins. Then my plastic surgeon fashioned the origami skin nipple buds. The day finally came for the tattoos - but it was botched - the person was less than skilled. Their version of Montgomery glands was black dots. I swear my areolas looked like they had mold on them. I fell apart when that happened. I had to fight with insurance to let me go to someone else and cover the cost, but that artist could only do so much because of the other ink. I appreciated their honesty that they may not be able to fix them."

"Fast forward 4 years, the surgical mesh migrated from the origami bud, leaving a flat fake nipple and a lump several inches above it. An abundance of ultrasounds, MRIs and panic filled days ensued. The ink was fading, my fake nipples flat and two lumps - that I never knew I would have to expect - now stare at me in the mirror. Luckily no cancer, just surgical mesh that shifted and moved up the breast."

"Then I saw that show on TLC, called Body Parts. One of Alison's patients was a breast cancer survivor. That made me google areola/nipple prosthesis… I found your company and I'm beyond happy with them - the glands, the ragged edges that look realistic, the overall packaging and supplies and video link for how to put them on and clean them."

"I love the Montgomery glands. My originals had pretty prominent Montgomery glands. Throughout my entire journey what I missed most was the "personality" my breasts lost from the surgical removal of the areola complex. They (Naturally Impressive nipples) have given me an inner feeling of happiness and contentment that my breasts have their personalities back and I just want to show them off. LOL. Getting something that makes me feel whole and content is priceless! Thank you!!"
What a thrill it is to be able to offer women a solution that helps that final touch of nipples be simple, non-invasive, affordable, actual 3D realistic and immediate (once skin is healed). Good-bye long and winding road!

Randi RN, BSN
Co-founder Naturally Impressive, LLC

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